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Charlie passed away peacefully in his sleep on October 17th 2011. 

He is sorely missed

A cart ride in 1999

For the later years of his career Charlie had a friend called Tommy that helped him pull the cart around the farm.

Tommy came to the farm in 2002 and had a happy life until he passed away in 2018.  He was an enormous and gentle giant that stood 19 hands high.

Tommy & Catherine

Tommy in his harness



was a Percheron and was born on the farm on February 3rd 2009.  She passed in 2022



Madge was a wonderful horse and helped Tinkerbell for 2 years but she died far too young as she passed away suddenly in 2019

 Winston is a Shire horse (born April 15th 2017) 

Winston & Farmer Barrie

There are lots of fun things to see and do on the farm

Play Areas

Horses are a massive part of Honeysuckle Farm.  
From 1992 until 2019 we offered horse and cart rides around the farm, however, 

since 2020 we have hd to discontinue this attraction for a number of reasons. WE do still have our beloved horses on the farm and you are able to see them every day on the farm.


Straw Bales

Here on the farm we think that natural play is a fantastic thing so every year in our barn we set up a straw play area. 

Over a hundred large straw bales are arranged in our huge barn to provide an exciting indoor adventure area.

Later in the year we open a second straw play barn that contains around 50 bales.

 When we close for the season we stack the bales up and use them as bedding for the animals over the winter.

Play Areas

Forts, teepees, Hazel maze and slides and tunnels

Here on the farm we believe in natural play and also if you want to visit the countryside to play on a farm then that is what you should do rather than visit a million pound play are masquerading as the countryside

If you want authentic fun in the countryside then come to the authentic countryside and let your imagination run wild but be advised:  wear old clothes as you may get a little muddy and frazzled


There are a lot of loose braches in our woodland and if you have time and imagination then you can build all manner of dens amongst the trees

dads seem to enjoy this activity a much as the children

Den Building

Ponds and Fish Feeding

The pond at Honeysuckle Farm is a great place to see nature

Many types of fish live in the pond but especially Koi Carp.  We sell fish food at the farm entrance for £1 a pot and you can use this to feed the fish and ducks

Watch the fish through the grills in the bridges

We have many seating areas around the pond where you can enjoy a picnic while watching the wildlife

and remember early in the year there are lots of frogs in the pond


The cafe at Honeysuckle Farm sells sandwiches, crisps, cakes, tea, coffee, soft drinks and ice cream 



Our cafe operates precautionary principle and cannot guarantee that any item is allergen free as supplies come from factories and warehouses that contain nuts, cereals containing gluten, celery, eggs, crustaceans, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya and sulphur dioxide


We are unable to offer celiac or gluten free options as kitchen is not equipped to prevent cross contamination due to very small demand and impracticalities of operation


Some celiac and gluten free options are available pre-packaged in the cooler cabinet


If you have any questions please ask a member of staff

Things to see and do

A visit to the farm means that you can enjoy some great sights and activities for a very reasonable price.

Lots of baby animals

Lots of baby animals to see

Don't forget to......


Have fun in the play areas

Animal and fish food (only available from the farm entrance)

feed the cows

climb the towers

Meet the animals          

Get lost in our maze

Always remember to wash your hands after touching the animals, before eating and drinking and before leaving the farm

Menu for window jpeg.jpg

Nature Walk

Honeysuckle farm has been set up so there are many areas to walk round to enjoy nature at its best

after a long walk enjoy a picnic at one of our many seating areas around the farm

Always remember to wash your hands after touching the animals, before eating and drinking and before leaving the farm

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